Friday, March 13, 2009

Day 5 & 6 - Busy Being Lazy

Wednesday morning we found out that the snorkeling excursion was canceled because the water was choppy, so we decided to just hit the beach for the day. Eddie snorkeled and I walked some, but mostly enjoyed a book and a rum punch. At 3:00, a gray cloud passed over with a couple of raindrops, and figured it was our sign to get out of the sun. We changed then drove just a mile or two down the road to a cute little art store we kept passing and bought a few trinkets. It was right across the street from a nice looking restaurant called Portifinos so decided we were ready for dinner even though it was only 5:00. It was delicious except for the rum coffee drink that Eddie had with dessert... bleh... too strong. On the drive back we decided to take a little drive past our place to see where it would lead us, and found it to be a very nice ride along the north coast. Beautiful homes and we finally found another restaurant that we had been looking for called Over the Edge. Found out this one is open for breakfast, so decide to come back in the morning. We get back to our place and there is a one man band playing at the beach bar. He is ok. We dance just a bit, then call it a night.

Thursday morning we had breakfast out, then drove to Rum Point. It's a pretty little beach on the northwest tip of West Bay. We walked and just hung out... and of course had to try a rum drink while we were there. A little shopping in the gift shop, then we have to get back... because we had our Spa appointments at 2:00. Let me just say, if you have never had a hot stone massage, I highly recommend it! Dinner was at our resort while we watched The Barefoot Man for a 3 hour show. He was great! A glass of wine and after that massage, I was very relaxed when we ended our night.

Sorry, no photos this morning... I'm heading down to the beach to get as much sun, surf and sand as I can on my last full day here. :)


Jodie said...

Have a great day Jeanne! Looking forward to more pics when you have time.

Kim said...

wow...still sounds heavenly!!!!