Monday, March 09, 2009

Day 2 - Paradise Found

After spending a very quiet and relaxing morning watching the sunrise and sipping coffee on my balcony, Eddie and I headed to a complimentary breakfast and short resort information talk. They had a few give-aways at the end and I won a cool beach towel.

Then it was beach time! We positioned a couple of chairs and got settled in for the day. After about an hour, decide to snorkel. The current was strong, so we walked down to the next resort's pier floated back to our own pier. We saw some amazing fish! Under the first pier was a school of some huge silver fish, about 3 foot long! The blues, purples and yellows of the tropical fish are always so neat to see. I am more out of shape then I realized and Eddie swallowed a big gulf of salt water, but still enjoyed our adventure.

After that, we had a light lunch on our balcony, then made a few plans with our activity director. Our week is going to be busy, but definitely fun! I'm not telling yet what we have planned, so you will have to check back later. Back to the beach for a nap in the sun. I had been nursing a headache since I woke up (my migraines have recently returned), so I decided to get out of the sun and take a real nap in my room. Eddie walked the beach and swam in the pool while I napped.

Dinner was at this cute little place not far called The Lighthouse. I had lasagna and Eddie had seabass cheeks.... who knew fish had cheeks... but she said they were delicious. I still wasn't feeling very well, so we decided to return home and I went straight to bed.

The headache is hanging on this morning, but today we are heading to town to shop since this is the only day with no cruise ships in port. Being a cruiser myself, I do know how crazy an island can get on cruise days.

Sorry for no photos yet, but I will get a few up later this afternoon. I'm giving Eddie computer lessons also while we are here.

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