Saturday, October 27, 2007


I've been tagged by Katie to tell where you were 10/20/30 years ago.

1997 ~ Life was good. Rick was working, Steven was 10 and I was working part-time at the scaffolding company... just enough to keep me out of trouble. I was also busy with volunteer stuff... PTG at school, Call-a-Ride and the food pantry.

1987 ~ Life was good. I was a brand new mom... just staying home and cuddling my 4 week old baby. I quit my wonderful job at the BMV when I found out I was pregnant earlier that year. We were still living out of town in the country and moved the following year.

1977 ~ Life was good. I had just moved in with my sister Cat to start my Sophomore year at Hebron. I was having a blast... basketball, pep club, art club, dances, friends, parties... all the great stuff you do in high school.

Hmmm... do I see a pattern? Yes, I think so. I must say that I have a pretty good life. It has it's bumps.... and sometimes I feel like I'm actually on a roller coaster, but heck... what fun would it be just to drive straight and go 40 mph all the time?

I'm going to TAG...
Janelle and Judy
Get posting girls!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Cloverdale Crop

I'm just back from a wonderful scrapbooking weekend in
Cloverdale with some great friends!

I did 22 pages and got a great start on my Christmas cards.

Jodie took some wonderful photos for all of us!

MooFun is from when Kim, Katie, Janelle and I met up at the
Dairy Farm this past June.

Yum-O for ice cream!

Rick and I met up with Katie at the Brickyard
for qualifying in July.

Danny turned 40 this year and was quite surprised
by the party Mary gave him.

This is from the MS golf outing.
Notice Rick sucking down the jello shot... go Rick!

Here's one from my birthday.
We celebrated at the Olive Garden.

Steven has packed up and moved out.
I haven't heard from him in over a week... hope all is well.
(hint... maybe you should email or call your mom!)

This MS walk layout was a baggie challenge from Pam.

On Sundays, Rick likes to sweat
since it's an extra day of no dialysis.

Don't touch Jojo's T-bones! :-)

Katie's blog challenge this week was to post
something you scrapped with blue in it...
I think I have a few that might count. ;-)