Sunday, February 24, 2008

Old Photos

My cousin John emailed me this photo this morning. I was so excited to get it because now it's the only photo I have of my entire family on my mom's side.... except for me. I was a late surprise for my parents. It's kind of sad that the only people still alive in this photo are my 4 cousins and my brother. My sister is the blond one front and center. I still miss her. My brother is the youngest one... isn't he a cutie? The couple on the left are my aunt and uncle who raised me during my middle school years and those are my parents on the right side. In the very middle is my Aunt Jean. This photo was taken the night before she left for Germany to work in the service as a nurse for several years. My grandma is to the left. She was 95 when she passed in 1990. This photo will get a special place on my wall of family photos because even though I'm not part of it, it holds lots of warm memories.

Monday, February 04, 2008

Newburgh Retreat Center

I'm back from a fabulous scrapping weekend at Jodie's house. She and her husband were wonderful hosts! They really did spoil us! Most of these layouts are for my friend Linda. I love scrapping her girls... I get to use a lot of PINK!