Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas Eve!

It's been a busy, crazy month and a half since my last post. Holidays, travels, parties and adventures. I'm really ready to ring in the new year next week. I said last year that 2006 was one of my worst and had hopes of 2007 being better, but that didn't happen. So once again I'm going to wish to have a quiet and normal 2008. But with Rick's transplant ahead and Steven's job/life always keeping me spinning, I'm guessing the next year will still be bumpy.

During December, I've been working on a special recipe/memory book. I was hoping to get it done by Christmas, but now just hoping for the end of the month. No matter, it will get done. I did actually bake yesterday... what do you think about my cookies? Let me tell you... they are Yum-O!

Peace & Love!